Browns Peak: Scree Chute

Trip Details

Elevation: 7,657 Feet

Elevation Gain: N/A Feet

Distance: N/A Miles

Gear: None

This weekend we took another shot at climbing to the top of Brown’s Peak. It is the tallest of the Four Peaks with are located outside of Phoenix. It is also the highest point in Maricopa county with an elevation of 7,657 feet.

It was an awesome experience and the hike was really cool and challenging at the same time. I managed to get by with a scraped up thumb and a sore ass. My girlfriend on the other hand, ended up with a decent size cut on her wrist and a black and blue knee.

The hike to Humphreys Peak may have been longer and higher in elevation, but it did not compare to Browns Peak. The steep rock chute we had to climb to get to the top was unlike anything I have previously attempted. I read a lot of reviews of this hike on other websites and it made it sound much easier than it really was. So if you are planning on trying this, make sure and watch the video before you set out on your adventure.

The temperature got down into the 40’s even though we were only about 40 miles from Phoenix where it was much warmer. Add in the 50 + mph winds and it gets pretty damn cold.


Me Standing on the Rock Chute

Me standing on the rock chute

Sliding Down the Rocks

Look how steep it was

Rock Chute

A view looking down

24 Replies to “Browns Peak: Scree Chute”

  1. LOL…”it sounds windy”…No it sounds like the camera is gonna get flung out of your hands by the crazy wind…wow, that goes way beyond windy.

    That one picture of the steepness = insane.

    Congrats on conquering the peak!

  2. Thanks! Yeah that rock wall was pretty insane alright. Especially on the way down when we couldn’t see anything due to the clouds being below us.

    It sure feels good to make it up and back down safely thought : )

  3. It sounds like you’re caught in a wind tunnel or something, maybe a tsunami. Tsunami’s are bad-ass until they destroy stuff though.

    Looks like a fun adventure. I’m scared of heights so the chances of me doing anything like this are about -10000 (that’s a negative number), I’m just a pussy when it comes to heights though.

  4. I had been in long-term hikes several times, but they were boat hikes… I would love once try mountain climbing, but heights scare me a bit and I am afraid, I will start panicking… but your photos (which are absolutely beautiful) make me wish to try and battle my fear!!

  5. Wow – I had no idea there was a hike like this so close to Phoenix! When I read the post I thought “I’ll have to get out there”. Then I watched the video, and thought twice. I’d love to do it someday though! Thanks for the video – that’s worth a million words. (-:

  6. How risky is for a women to do the brown’s peak by herself,I would love to go but I have no one to join me on this hike.Have you heard of any hikers being attacked by a wild animal?

  7. You don’t have to go up the chute…

    That is much to steep and I would say very dangerous even…

    Before you go into the chute area, hike to the left…

    This will be bushwackin time…no trial….the brush can be thick at first..

    Keep going to the left around the side of the mountain and you will see the way up…its a ravine of giant, and i mean big…rocks..

    you have to hop from one giant rock to another, but this leads you right up to the top without taking your life in your hands…..

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