Mount Mitchell

Trip Details

Elevation: 6,684 Feet

Elevation Gain: 3,700 Feet

Distance: 11.4 Miles

Gear: Basic hiking gear

After spending 5 days and 4 nights hanging out in Mount Mitchell State Park in North Carolina, I can honestly say it’s one of my favorites places in the country (so far). The mountains are unlike any of the mountains I’ve seen out west and have a mystic feel to them, especially when the clouds surround them.

The hiking was incredible, especially when the trails were surrounded by moss covered trees and rocks. There were even a few waterfalls we came across that were much larger than I would have expected to see.

The only downside of our stay here was the fact that it rained every single day. Plus there was constant thunder in the distance which kept us from going on any really long hikes (it’s not fun hiking in lightning storms).


Clouds over Mount Mitchell
Clouds over Mount Mitchell
At our camp site
One of the campsites we stayed at
Creek near Black Mountain Campground
Creek near Black Mountain Campground
Hike to Roaring Fork Falls
Our dog leading the way to Roaring Fork Falls
Roaring Fork Falls
Roaring Fork Falls
My favorite view of the mountains
My favorite view of the mountains
View of Mountains
Another view of the mountains
Compass at Summit
A Compass at the summit of Mount Mitchell
Guy on tomb of Dr. Mitchell
Man lying on the tomb of Dr. Mitchell

7 Replies to “Mount Mitchell”

  1. Great shots! I envy that you have someone to go to these beautiful sites with, AND a dog. These have been some of the frustrations of my travels. These are great shots, and based on the sign about tallest peak East of the Mississippi, I want to interject a getting high joke. Glad to see you’re still traveling/adventuring.

  2. Great Shots. Wish I could visit Mt. Mitchell soon.
    I’ve stumbled upon your blog from Chris Ducker’s post on his list of lifestyle designers and I’m greatly inspired to follow all your footsteps. 🙂

  3. How did your pup do? I have heard that some of the trails are not recommended for our furry friends unless they are wolves or malamutes. I am planning a primitive excursion for a week and want to take me do (looks a lot like yours)…she has a pack and a jacket if the weather gets too cool, and of course she’d be my bivvy buddy. Any specific challenges…did you do the 12 mile trail or a shorter one?


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