Mount Hood: South Side Old Chute Variation

Trip Details

Elevation: 11,239 Feet

Elevation Gain: 5,200 Feet

Distance: N/A Miles

Gear: Ice axe, crampons, rope

Over the past two years, I have attempted to climb Mount Hood multiple times. Unfortunately the weather never cooperated and the climbs were either cancelled or turned back early. The weather finally worked in my favor last weekend and I was able to reach the highest summit in Oregon for the first time.

The climb was tough but highly rewarding. We started around 10:30 PM and hit the summit a little after 5 AM. We took the Old Chute route up and then spent some time hanging out on the summit. It was very cold at the summit and the clouds started to move in. We bumped into another group of climbers that offered to let us use their anchor to rappel down. I believe we ended up rappelling down the Mazama Chute(?). The rappelling was nice and helped us avoid some steep down climbing.

After a bunch of walking, we eventually made it back to the Timberline parking lot. Taking off my mountaineering boots never felt so good. By far the best climb to date.





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