Mount Sherman: South Slope

Trip Details

Elevation: 14,035 Feet

Elevation Gain: 3,024 Feet

Distance: 9 Miles

Gear: Trekking Poles

This one felt easy! After knocking out the Decalibron, we decided to finish off the 14ers in the Mosquito range by hiking up the South Slope of Mount Sherman. This was definitely the easiest 14er so far.  In the summer it’s a two mile hike up from the road, but with the winter closure the round trip distance ended up being a bit over 10 miles.

There was still quite a bit of snow the entire route, there were only a couple of small sections where it wasn’t possible to be on snow.  Learning our lesson from the Decalibron, we brought along sandwiches and our typical summit candy (snickers for Jenn, sun butter cups for Justin).

This one felt so easy, we decided to do a recovery hike the next day.  We took Happy up Green Mountain in Boulder, CO – a 5.5 mile, 2,300ft elevation gain hike.  All in all it was a great weekend, one of the best one’s we’ve had out here so far.



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