Justin: April Training Recap

Another month of training in the books. Overall April was the best month to date in terms of activity and calories burned. I also managed to get out and complete a bunch of different climbs.

May is the final month left before our trip to Bolivia. My goal is to have May be the peak month for calories burned and active minutes. I plan on doing a short taper period the beginning of June before we attempt Huayna Potosí and Illimani.


This month I continued doing 1-2 days of strength training in the gym. I have mainly been doing circuit workouts where I focus on doing push/pull movements such as bench press, pushups, pull-ups, and rows.

I also did a minimum of 2 endurance workouts each week outside of my weekend training. This month I changed my cardio workouts to be less intense but longer in duration. I have been trying to keep my heart rate in zone 1 but I will push it once in awhile to try to get near my peak zone.


  • Calories: 3,572/day (Average) (Up 400 cals/day since January)
  • Active Minutes: 175/day (Average) (Up 80 mins/day since January)

Climbing Objectives:

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