Grays and Torreys: Standard Route

Trip Details

Elevation: 14,278 Feet

Elevation Gain: ~5100 Feet

Distance: 14 Miles

Gear: Trekking poles

We finally got a chance to get out and see Grays and Torreys up close. The weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms after 12pm so we left the trailhead around 4:00 am. The road was still snow covered so we parked right off the I-70 which adds an extra 6 miles of road hiking.

We hit the summit of Grays by 8:30 am which seemed like a really good time getting up. After spending a few minutes on the summit, I joined another member of our part and quickly traversed over to Torreys. We booked it since we weren’t sure when the weather was going to roll in and we ended up making it up to the summit and back down to the saddle by 9:45. From there we cut down and met up with Jenn on the Grays trail we came up on.

Overall it was a pretty long day since the route trip ended up being 14 miles. We were back to the car fairly early but the sky was just starting to get dark as we left the trailhead. It definitely pays to start early!


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