Horseshoe Mountain: Boudoir Couloir

Trip Details

Elevation: 13,898 Feet

Elevation Gain: ~2,100 Feet

Distance: ~11 Miles

Gear: Ice axe, crampons, helmet

We’ve been waiting for the snowpack to stabilize so that we could get out and try some couloir routes. The weather finally cooperated so we drove down to 4 Mile Creek road Saturday afternoon after finishing Grays/Torreys. We camped in the car at the parking area so that we could get an early start.

We ended up leaving the car around 4:45 am and hiked up the road until we hit the junction. The sunrise was amazing and we did not see any other parties until we got further up near Horseshoe Mountain. From far away, the Boudoir Couloir looks insanely steep but once you get up to the base it isn’t as steep as it looks.

There was a great boot pack the whole way up and Jenn led the entire way as I and I and another group followed. Once we exited the couloir we then hiked up the true summit. From there, we hiked down the opposite side of Horseshoe mountain and eventually met back up with the trail we hiked in on.

This was by far my favorite climb so far here in Colorado. This was also the first time during our training that we’ve done multiple peaks in one weekend. Overall it went really well and I think we are both in excellent shape.

We’ve only got a few weeks left before we head to Bolivia…


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