Huayna Potosí

Trip Details

Elevation: 19,974 Feet

Elevation Gain: N/A Feet

Distance: N/A Miles

Gear: Ice axe, crampons, rope

After doing Chacaltaya we spent the next day resting in hopes of getting over these colds. We laid down around 7pm but didn’t get much sleep, Justin kept coughing.

Day 1

We got picked up at the hostel around 0830 and rode with the guide and cook out to Zongo Valley to the base of Huayna Potosí.

Got to basecamp, ate some good food then went up the glacier to do some rope work. Came back down drank a lot of coca tea Jenn had headache. Had a fantastic dinner of soup, bread, and then really salty spaghetti. Laid down around 7 and Jenn ended up getting much sicker during the night, super runny nose and a lot of face pressure.

Justin couldn’t sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time because his throat would dry out and he had to drink some water. Justin’s cold got a little better in the morning he was able to breath through his nose a bit.

Day 2

The next morning Jenn woke up to a stuffy runny nose. Both of us got up around 7 am Jenn had a headache probably from sinuses. Started walking up to high camp (5.270m) at 10:06 and arrived at 11:54. Pretty good time! There was a steep section where we had to use a handline.

Justin felt the altitude a bit on the way up but overall I think we did pretty well. Debating if we should use diamox or not so far we haven’t taken any.

Both of us took some Benadryl hoping it would help. Justin packed, unpacked, packed, unpacked and packed again. We carry too much stuff I think. The high camp here is 5270m and we can definitely feel it! Walking to the bathroom makes you out of breath.

Summit Day

Woke up at 1am left the high camp a little after 2. Justin was slow going and developed a pretty bad cough as we made our way up. Jenn was doing great physically. We got to the top of the summit ridge but decided to turn back 64 feet from the summit due to high winds.

Justin continued to cough all the way back to basecamp. We then returned to La Paz. Our plan for tomorrow is to rest up for the upcoming Illimani climb.


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