Mount Rainier: Disappointment Cleaver

Trip Details

Elevation: 14,410 Feet

Elevation Gain: 9000 Feet

Distance: 15 Miles

Gear: Standard Glacier Gear

We finally had the opportunity to climb Mount Rainier! We had planned on doing it a few times while we lived in the Pacific Northwest but the weather never cooperated.

Our flight landed in Seattle around 10pm, picked up rental car and left the airport around midnight. Stopped at a Walmart and picked up some stuff around 1am. We drove out to the park and slept for a few hours in the Paradise parking lot.
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South Early Winters Spire: South Arete

Trip Details

Elevation: 7,807 Feet

Elevation Gain: 2,600 Feet

Distance: 6 Miles

Gear: Rope, alpine rock rack

We have always wanted to do this climb and we had the opportunity to do it with our friends before moving to Colorado. The climb was pretty easy climbing but we did get a bit off route at one point. We were glad to have a rope and alpine rock for the 5th class climbing since there are a few 5.5 moves along the way.

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Mount Baker: Easton Glacier

Trip Details

Elevation: 10,778 Feet

Elevation Gain: 7,500 Feet

Distance: 14 Miles

Gear: Rope, pickets, crampons, ice axe

Third times a charm. After failing to reach the summit twice last year due to weather and a weak snow bridge, I finally made it on Sunday. The weather was perfect and we had clear skies throughout the night and into the morning. We left the trailhead around 10 am on Saturday and made it to camp in the early afternoon. I managed to get more sleep than I thought I would and woke up at 1 am to get ready for the climb. We were on our way up towards the glacier a little after 2 am.

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Mount St. Helens: Mother’s Day 2015

Trip Details

Elevation: 8,366 Feet

Elevation Gain: 4,500 Feet

Distance: 10 Miles

Gear: Ice axe

For the third year in a row, I spent Mother’s Day volunteering on Mount St. Helens. This year was a bit different since Climber’s Bivouac opened early and we were able to go up the Monitor Ridge summer route. Permits were also limited to 500 this year due to the fact that last year’s crowd was a bit too large for the mountain.

The Worm Flows winter route was also available and roughly 200 climbers were on each trail which helped split up the crowd. Lots of people had dresses and costumes on and we even saw a unicorn riding an inflatable shark down a glissade chute.
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Mount Baker: Easton Glacier Attempt

Trip Details

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For the second time this year, my girlfriend and I along with one of my good friends tried to climb Mount Baker. This time we attempted via the Easton Glacier route. Unlike last time, the weather cooperated but unfortunately it was a bit late in the season. After navigating around tons of crevasses in the dark, we ended up turning back at 9,100 feet due to a sketchy snow bridge.
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