Mount Saint Helens: Monitor Ridge

Trip Details

Elevation: 8,366 Feet

Elevation Gain: 4,500 Feet

Distance: 10 Miles

Gear: Ice axe

Today turned out to be a great day to spend volunteering on Mount St. Helens. The weather was perfect and the views from the crater rim were awesome. There were a lot of people on the mountain today and I got to talk to quite a few different groups.

Despite climbing the mountain a bunch of times this year, it is still my favorite mountain in the Cascades. I am still fascinated by the crater and the view never gets old. Here are a few photos from the hike that turned out really well:
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Mount Saint Helens: Worm Flows

Trip Details

Elevation: 8,366 Feet

Elevation Gain: 5,700 Feet

Distance: 12 Miles

Gear: Ice axe, crampons

After weeks of anticipation, I finally got to accomplish my goal of climbing to the top of Mt St Helens. At 8,365 ft, it’s the second tallest mountain I’ve ever climbed. The trip was a success and everyone in our group made it up to the top. Here’s a full trip report of the days events:

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