Horseshoe Mountain: Boudoir Couloir

Trip Details

Elevation: 13,898 Feet

Elevation Gain: ~2,100 Feet

Distance: ~11 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate Snow

Gear: Ice axe, crampons, helmet

We’ve been waiting for the snowpack to stabilize so that we could get out and try some couloir routes. The weather finally cooperated so we drove down to 4 Mile Creek road Saturday afternoon after finishing Grays/Torreys. We camped in the car at the parking area so that we could get an early start.

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Grays and Torreys: Standard Route

Trip Details

Elevation: 14,278 Feet

Elevation Gain: ~5100 Feet

Distance: 14 Miles

Difficulty: Easy Snow

Gear: Trekking poles

We finally got a chance to get out and see Grays and Torreys up close. The weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms after 12pm so we left the trailhead around 4:00 am. The road was still snow covered so we parked right off the I-70 which adds an extra 6 miles of road hiking.

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Justin: April Training Recap

Another month of training in the books. Overall April was the best month to date in terms of activity and calories burned. I also managed to get out and complete a bunch of different climbs.

May is the final month left before our trip to Bolivia. My goal is to have May be the peak month for calories burned and active minutes. I plan on doing a short taper period the beginning of June before we attempt Huayna Potosí and Illimani. Continue reading “Justin: April Training Recap”

Mount Shavano: Angel of Shavano (+ Tabeguache)

Trip Details

Elevation: Shavano: 14,229 feet / Tabeguache: 14,155 Feet

Elevation Gain: ~5,600 Feet

Distance: ~9.75 Miles

Difficulty: Easy Snow

Gear: Avy Gear, snowshoes, crampons (overkill)

Saturday we woke up at 1am to make the ~3 hour drive to the Shavano/Tabeguache trailhead. Our plan was to climb the Angel of Shavano (easy snow climb up to 35°) to the summit of Shavano, then traverse over to the summit of Tabeguache and back again.

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Mount Sherman: South Slope

Trip Details

Elevation: 14,035 Feet

Elevation Gain: 3,024 Feet

Distance: 9 Miles

Difficulty: Easy Snow / Class 2

Gear: Trekking Poles

This one felt easy! After knocking out the Decalibron, we decided to finish off the 14ers in the Mosquito range by hiking up the South Slope of Mount Sherman. This was definitely the easiest 14er so far.  In the summer it’s a two mile hike up from the road, but with the winter closure the round trip distance ended up being a bit over 10 miles.

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The Decalibron

Trip Details

Elevation: 14,000+ Feet

Elevation Gain: 4,000 Feet

Distance: 9 Miles

Difficulty: Snow / Class 2

Gear: Ice Axe, crampons

After cutting our Decalibron (Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross) traverse short last week due to high winds, we decided to take another crack at it. This time the forecast was calling for 15-20 mph winds and clear skies.  So happy we knocked it out and don’t have to go back to this area.

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