The Castle and Pinnacle Peak

Trip Details

Elevation: 6,460 Feet

Elevation Gain: N/A Feet

Distance: N/A Miles

Gear: Rope, alpine rock rack, ice axe

The weather did not cooperate this weekend on Mount Baker. We hiked up to camp around 6,500 feet and it rained all night long. The conditions did not look great for trying to summit so we decided to hike out early in the morning.

The weather looked much better to the south so we decided to go to Mount Rainier National Park to climb The Castle and Pinnacle Peak. Both climbs were a ton of fun and offered some great views of the Cascade Volcanoes.
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Mount St. Helens: Monitor Ridge

Trip Details

Elevation: 8,366 Feet

Elevation Gain: 4,500 Feet

Distance: 10 Miles

Gear: Ice Axe

This past Sunday I went up Mount St. Helens as part of a volunteer training day. The weather turned out to be amazing and the snow is really starting to melt out. We started at the Climber’s Bivouac, which cuts down the elevation gain and mileage a bit compared to the winter route.

The beginning of the hike is snow free and the snow starts around tree line. However, it is possible to avoid the snow for a good portion of the climb since the rocks are now exposed all the summer route.
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Mount Hood: South Side Old Chute Variation

Trip Details

Elevation: 11,239 Feet

Elevation Gain: 5,200 Feet

Distance: N/A Miles

Gear: Ice axe, crampons, rope

Over the past two years, I have attempted to climb Mount Hood multiple times. Unfortunately the weather never cooperated and the climbs were either cancelled or turned back early. The weather finally worked in my favor last weekend and I was able to reach the highest summit in Oregon for the first time.

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Mount Saint Helens: Mother’s Day Climb

Trip Details

Elevation: 8,366 Feet

Elevation Gain: 5,700 Feet

Distance: 12 Miles

Gear: Ice axe

For the first time in a few years, the weather on mother’s day was perfect for climbing Mount St. Helens. As a result of the weather forecast, a record breaking number of people purchased climbing permits (over a 1,000). It was a lot of fun volunteering since I got to answer questions about the mountain and raise awareness about the Mount St. Helens Institute. I also gave away the Happy Mother’s Day! sign I created so that other people could take photos.

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